Vegan Dog Food for Better Health: Why Vegetarian Dog Food is Better


Learn the truth about vegan dog food and how raw vegan dog food is healthier for dogs through a vegetarian dog food diet.  Find how PETA dog food is helping.

Being a vegan, you have probably considering moving your dog to vegan dog food.  Being someone who wants what is best for animals, you cannot stand the thought of your dog eating another living thing, making it important that you find a vegan dog food that not only meet your vegan household standards, but is also healthy for your dog.  Even though there may be a lot of critics when it comes to this meat free dog food, there are a few vegan dog foods on the market that will not only be loved by your dog, but can prolong their life.

Why Vegetarian Dog Food

For many vegetarians, nothing is worse than supporting the killing of animals.  Most good dog food on the market today uses meat as one of its largest ingredients, having your dog eating another living animal.  While this may be natural, it is not necessary for your animal to stay healthy.  According to PETA, it is more ethical to feed your dog PETA dog food that has been deemed completely vegan, with some dogs that are on this diet living over twenty years.  Who wouldn’t want to give their best friend a longer life span?

According to recent studies, vegan dog food has been proven to:

  • Increase the Lifespan of Dogs
  • Provide more Nutrients than 80% of Dog Food
  • Supports Better Digestive Health for Many Breeds

While vegetarian dog food may not be recommended for all dogs, it is just as safe as many other dog foods on the market.

Purchasing Raw Vegan Dog Food

Unlike many other types of dog food, purchasing vegetarian dog food isn’t as difficult as you may think.  Many sites that support vegetarian living have   started selling vegan dog food.   Most of these sites are proud to have PETA dog food that has been deemed safe by the organizations strict vegan standards.  As well, many well known pet stores, including Petsmart and Petco have started selling vegan dog food.  If you cannot find it in your area, however, you can also make your own raw vegan dog food by using rice, lentils, and organic vegetables.   PETA themselves has many great homemade raw vegan dog food recipes on their site that have been proven favorites by nearly every breed of dog.

How to Keep your Dog Healthy on Vegetarian Dog Food

Just like humans, many dogs will also need vitamin supplements if they are eating vegan dog food.  One of the most well known supplements Vegedog, is recommended by PETA and many other vegan organizations.  When purchasing your vegetarian dog food, just make sure that it has the needed vitamins and minerals for your breed of dog, and you will be set.

By switching to vegan dog food, you are allowing your family and you to live a more vegan lifestyle.  At the end of the day, your dog will probably not know the difference, other than the fact that they have a healthier body and a shinier coat.