Common Dog Skin Problem

dog skin problem

If your dog starts to bite more than usual, it can be caused by one of the following common problems:

Dogs are good at self-care. This includes itching and biting your body to remove insects and other irritants. However, if you notice that your dog has been scratching your body for days, or if you have skin irritation, it may indicate a problem.

Scratches caused by insects and fleas on the dog’s body

One common cause of constant itching is a parasite that sticks to the dog. This includes fleas, lice, other insects, and ticks, all of which cause discomfort to your dog. To reduce the risk of infestation, flea control should be done regularly as a routine. For house dust mites and other ectoparasites in your home, you may want to regularly vacuum to prevent your dog’s skin symptoms from getting worse and to prepare a dog anti-tick mattress or bed.

However, the dog may be caring for other more complex reasons. That is allergies.

Dogs and allergies

Dog Common Skin Allergies

dog skin problems and allergies

Atopic dermatitis

Some dogs have a genetic predisposition to cause an allergic skin reaction called “atopic dermatitis”. This affects a significant number of dogs in some countries. Some breeds, such as French bulldogs, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers, are at higher risk than others.

Atopic dermatitis occurs because the dog’s immune system overreacts to the normal environment and dietary elements. This excessive reaction becomes a fierce itch and the dog is trying to alleviate this discomfort. If this action is voluminous, it can lead to skin problems and can make your dog more susceptible to other infections.


Dermatophytosis is a dermatosis that is mainly caused by mold growth called Microsprum canis. It’s more common in cats than dogs. Infects hair and dandruff, and hair loss and dandruff are observed. 

Treatment is with antifungal drugs. In addition, since the hair and dandruff that has fallen become a source of infection and survive in the environment for a long time, it is necessary to clean the living environment. Care must be taken because humans may also be infected.

Acne disease

It is a disease that causes skin irritation due to excessive growth of acne mites that are resident in hair follicles. The animal side is also a major factor in this disease, and factors that reduce immunity must be considered.

Of course, younger individuals who are not yet immune may improve with growth, but older individuals need to be examined for systemic problems that reduce their immune function. The treatment will improve the skin condition with shampoo therapy together with anthesis of acne mites.

Malassezia dermatitis

It is found in dogs with a lot of secretions of wrinkles and oils on the skin. It is a skin disease related to the yeast that likes fat, called malassezia, and is often found in the neck, inner thighs, heels, and abdomen where there is a lot of wrinkles and oil is easily collected. The skin of these parts becomes red, dandruff increases, and itching is accompanied.

Administer antifungal drugs for the purpose of shampoo therapy and malassezia management. Fatty dog ​​breeds (such as Shih Tzu and American Cocker Spaniel) are treated for the purpose of maintaining good skin condition.

Pyoderma, bacterial folliculitis

Commonly found in dogs, the epidermis and hair follicles are mainly infected with S. pseudintermedius, a staphylococci. Short-haired species often have red crush (papules) on the back, and long-haired species often have red spots with hair loss and dandruff on the abdomen.

It is treated with shampoo therapy or antibiotics. If it recurs, you must consider the factors.

What are dogs allergic to?

There are many things that dogs often get allergic to. For example, environmental factors such as feathers, mold, and ticks. Some of them are seasonal, such as grass and tree pollen. Certain foods, such as certain dairy products, beef, chicken, eggs, soy, and some grains, can also cause allergies. Dogs are allergic by becoming sensitive to something early in life. And after that, I suffer from unpleasant symptoms. Finding early signs of an allergic reaction will help you find the best treatment for this lifetime symptom.

How is a dog allergy test done?

If you suspect you are allergic, it is important to take your dog to a veterinarian. The veterinarian asks a series of questions to get a better understanding of the dog’s symptoms and then conducts various tests to find out what caused the allergy. 

Scratch and Blood Test

Tests include a scratch test and a blood test. Also, if you suspect you have a food allergy, you will be asked to give your dog a diet for 8-12 weeks. Give the dog a whole new source of food, then give the old source again, one at a time, and monitor the results. In this way, the veterinarian can identify which foods are causing allergic reactions in the dog.

Hair Test

In hair inspection, we check for acne mites parasitizing hair follicles. You can also check for fungi (filamentous fungi) that parasitize the hair. If you have hair loss, you can tell to some extent whether it is resting or hair loss by looking at the hair follicles.

Curettage inspection

In curettage inspection, we check for clams, lice, scabies, etc. that infest the skin surface.


Testing for bacterial or yeast infection and the type and number of cells invading.

Skin biopsy

It is used when the cause is long and the cause is unclear, or when a tumor or immune-mediated disease is suspected. Usually, a part of the skin is removed by local anesthesia (about 6mm) and pathological examination is performed.

X-ray Test

The last thing we can do is x-ray test. Although it seems to have little to do with skin diseases, scratching and licking behaviors that resemble long-term itch may be due to joint pain or neurological disorders. Therefore, an X-ray examination may be necessary.

Caring for dog skin

dog health

There are several easy ways to take care of a dog’s skin. This reduces allergic reactions and keeps them as healthy as possible. By regularly washing your dog with a special shampoo, you can keep it clean and soothe your skin and expect immediate improvements. 

As medical care, topical treatments such as gels and creams are also available. You can also support your dog by feeding a diet rich in nutrients known to help the dog’s skin health. Examples include essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, antioxidants that help maintain healthy skin barrier function, antioxidants, and aloe vera, which are thought to help manage skin symptoms.

It is important to consult a veterinarian if the dog has been slaughtered or struggled for several days. You can also visit a veterinarian at any time to learn more about caring for the dog’s skin.

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